New Material Field

Provide one-stop service of analysis, testing and testing for enterprise new product research and development, product performance improvement, quality control, etc.;

Advanced Manufacturing Field

Provide technical services for electrical and electronic, communications, rail transit, aerospace, photovoltaic new energy, oil products, etc.;

Automotive Industry

Solve the problems in the process of automobile R&D and quality, and integrate inspection and detection, failure analysis, component analysis, and distribution traceability capabilities;

Biomedicine Field

Committed to providing customers with analysis and testing solutions related to the preclinical research institute of new drugs, so that drugs and medical devices can be marketed faster and more safely;

Ecological Environment

Committed to technological development and innovation in the field of environmental protection, using the power of science and technology to protect the human living environment and create a beautiful ecological home;

Cosmetics And Disinfection Products

Conduct safety and efficacy tests on cosmetic raw materials and finished products. Provide one-stop technical solutions for cosmetics and disinfection product raw materials manufacturers, OEMs, brand owners, and distributors;

Food And Agricultural Products

Provide safety inspection and supervision, as well as effective support and risk prevention services for the production, processing, trading, circulation and consumption of food and agricultural products and related fields;

Agrochemicals And Animal Husbandry Technical Services

Provide the industry with full-component preparation research, API structure and impurity research, and enterprise standard method development and verification.